Frequently Asked Questions

Scheduled a consult, now what?

I will call you at the number you provided and we will discuss your goals, injury, lifestyle, training style, etc. Then set up a game plan if it feels like you and I would be a great fit for one another. For Physical Therapy or injury prevention, our next step is setting up a date for an in-person evaluation where I take you through a series of movements and see where we need to address.

What is different with PT and personal training?

With Physical Therapy, we are focusing on your injury and getting you back or keeping you in the gym. Physical Therapy requires a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree to complete legally. However, with Beyond Recovery Physical Therapy, we focus on merging the two. We create a segway from physical therapy to personal training so that your training stays seamless.

Do I need to get an order for therapy?

We will figure this out in our consult call. In the state of Missouri,  I will need an order from a physician (primary care, orthopedic, etc.) or chiropractor to complete treatment. However, we are able to do an eval without an order per the state of Missouri licensing board.

What do I need to bring to an eval?

Just you! Wear comfortable clothes just like you would be for working out. We will be MOVING!

Who do you work with?

Barbell athletes, people who have a true interest in strength training and who want to get better. You do not have to be a competitive athlete, but I want to work with those who are serious about the gym.

Where are you located?

Evaluations are performed at Springfield Strength and Conditioning. When appropriate, we do online programming after the evaluation. If in-person therapy or training is necessary, we will set this up at the most convenient location for us.

Do I have to be a member of SSC?

You definitely do NOT have to be a member to get started. I cover your drop-in fee if you aren’t a current gym member on evaluation. If you do an entire month of training IN the gym, then you will have to become a member. Otherwise, no membership required.

Is performance PT different from regular PT?

YES! In my mind it is. With my background in exercise and physical therapy, I blend the two a lot. I use barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, and lots of compound movements for our rehab. In addition, I focus on areas that I know will help your lifts for whatever your goals are. Regular PT has its place, but I do feel as though they take a slightly different approach. Not necessarily good or bad different, just different. 

I already have a coach, do I have to stop working with them?

NO! With physical therapy, we work on your injury and getting you beyond your prior injury levels. This programming would focus specifically on the injury and areas that may help to improve the areas. There could be some overlap, but I have worked along side dozens of coaches to ensure that you are getting all of your performance goals.

I see a lot of posts have something to do about mental training. Why?

After my injury, I found that this was something missing in my therapy. There is a huge mental component of injuries and I think it is super important. I truly support this side of things and send resources to my athletes. 

Do you take my insurace?

Beyond Recovery is considered out of network for your therapy needs. This may sound daunting, but in fact, it helps us out. Insurance is a great safety net to have in place, however, it is important to realize that with therapy, insurance dictates SO many things. This may include the visit duration, HOW many visits, and what we can do. My first priority is working FOR YOU, not the insurance company. I want to tailor therapy to meet YOUR individual needs, not what insurance says you need.