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Protein and Injury prevention

We all know that protein is important. But how much is important? And why is it truly so important?

When we exercise, we breakdown muscles and to repair these muscles so we can avoid injuries, in order to best prevent injuries, we need to have protein to help repair these muscles. This allows muscles to go through protein synthesis which allows them to get bigger, faster, and stronger and doing so safely and healing appropriately. On the injury side of this, if you are going through an injury, your body may need a little more to help get you past that injury a little quicker.

Research shows that for the average human, grams of protein taken in should be .8-1.0g per kilogram of body weight as a minimum. For active individuals, research shows 1.4g to 2.2g/kg of body weight.

 As our athletes are recovering from an injury, it is important to make sure that we are looking at our protein intake so we can recover from our workouts AND come back from injury.

Obviously consider what your physician has said, and if their recommendations are lower.. Abide by that. These are just general guidelines and recommendations for post-injury and making sure we are getting enough protein to prevent injuries in the first place.

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