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Perfect form is not always black and white

Perfect form IS NOT always black and white. 

I used to be someone who wanted everyone to have perfect form. All the time. Every lift.

I had bought into the “imperfect form will hurt you” mindset that school teaches.

But, that’s not my mindset now.

I truly believe that 1. there is no such thing as perfect form. 2. Perfect form is not always black and white. 

If you are constantly lifting light weight, relative to you, and you are doing so with bad form. Maybe let’s address that.

If you are lifting near max weight on a deadlift and have some low back rounding. I don’t get super concerned unless it’s painful and you are dealing with an injury. 

You see, when we get near max weight, there’s a very. VERY. High chance that you aren’t going to have perfect form. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. There will be some form of breakdown. Should we address this? Sure, if we want and are worried… Should we get obsessive about this? Absolutely not. Know that this is likely to occur. Make things prettier, but don’t freak out. Again, perfect form does not exist. Perfect form isn’t black and white like social media portrays. 

People assume that rehab, injuries, pain, etc. is black and white. But there are about a million shades of gray in between that the vast majority of people live in.

We don’t need to pathologize and get obsessive about every little thing. If you have put in the time to prepare your body, let it do the work for you.

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