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Injury and Form Breakdown

As a physical therapist and rehab expert, I see some of my fellow rehabbers preach that pain comes from lifting too heavy of weight and from incorrect form. Injury and form breakdown sometimes go together. However, often times it is a loading issue that I see cause a lot of pain. 

Here’s the deal.

These individuals who say that, might not actually lift themselves. So they might take these principles we learn in school and run with it. But that isn’t real world. It isn’t always black and white like that.

Instead, we know that loading our bodies is safe, in fact.. it can lead to longevity. Not to mention that some people just enjoy lifting heavy a** weight.

I, for one, hate that notion that lifting heavy weight will almost always cause an injury. That’s not always true. Sometimes, yes. It does happen. This isn’t an excuse to lift with poor form, however, it is important that 

We also have those people who nit pick everything about a lift because being one centimeter off can cause an injury.

But to me, that is more so a loading management and tissue tolerance issue than just because the weight was heavy or form was less than precisely perfect. There is no inherently perfect form for everyone. In this case, one size does not fit all. Let me repeat it for you. Injury and form breakdown don’t always occur together

Tissues can get cranky when they are put under loads that they just aren’t ready for. It’s not an issue that you are lifting heavy weight, it could just be that your tissues aren’t ready for that weight yet.

Think about it. You see lifting icons like @tiaclairtoomey or @matfraser, strong AF powerlifters who have gradually built to the weights they are doing now. They didn’t jump in all at once and decide they were going to max a lift their bodies weren’t ready for.

They took the time to BUILD. To create tissue tolerance. To build tissue resiliency, by the mere act of focusing on the important things and gradually building up over time.

The thing all these athletes have in common is.. they lift heavy a** weight. Safely. Without injuring their bodies every day.

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