Have you ever been crushing it in the gym, then all of a sudden.. BAM!! Injury pops up? We all do from time to time, and I get it. You are frustrated, maybe a little emotional, and think that all that hard work you just put in was for nothing? I’ve been there. More than once.

Hi! I’m Kaytlyn, a Doctor of Physical Therapy

I am a product of what I have created for you. Through these injuries, I am confident that I am better suited to serve your needs and understand what you are going through. Our rehab process is different, let us guide you through it.

Injuries happen, they can happen randomly or with little warning. But that doesn’t have to mean the end of your gym days for the foreseeable future, or even losing those gains you worked so hard for. Injuries are bad enough, but feeling as though you aren’t being heard by the medical provider you go to, or feeling like there is something missing in your rehab. That is worse.

Here at Beyond Recovery, we do things different than most places. You see, with a doctorate of physical therapy and a bachelors degree in exercise and movement science, I have spent years studying the human body. This allows me to take a different approach by blending the strength and conditioning world with the physical therapy world and create this whole new experience for you. That is, we still lift and have good workouts while recovering from an injury. It is possible and I have worked with many people using this same approach. Our rehab is different, which helps lead you to a more successful rehab.

So, would you rather stay sidelined with an injury or would you rather be in the gym improving not only your injury, but your strength as well?

I invite you to go forward on this rehab journey with me.